CHRISLINE is a Non-bank Financial Institution established in 2004. The Company operated as an Investment firm between the periods of 2004 to 2006 under the license of the Securities & Exchange Commission. In April 2007, Chrisline was licensed by the Bank of Ghana to operate as a Non-Bank Financial Institution providing short term loan solutions to the formal and informal sectors.

The company's main objective is to provide financial products to our Customers that will ensure them ultimate success to their business.

Currently we are reaching the SME'S, informal sector, trade and community associations in Accra, Tema metropolis, Takoradi, Koforidua and beyond with our specially designed products.

To achieve this purpose, CHRISLINE has in the last 5 years, provided short term loan solutions to its Customers, partnering them in the growth and expansion of their businesses while increasing business prospects of the Ghanaian economy.

Loans – Get the Loan You Need Just When You Need It

We provide short term funds solutions to our Customers in the shortest possible time partnering them to success. We have therefore developed timely and appropriate financial solutions to offer our Customers the right financial support.

Our lending interest rates are between 5%-5.5% per month.

For more information on our loan products do visit our Loans product sheet.

Investments - Think tomorrow, think Chrisline

We offer attractive investment rates which is above the Treasury bill rates.

We have consistently matched and out-performed the competition with regards to our rate of return on investments. Our investment packages (which weterm Market Borrowings) are modeled after the Treasury bill and Fixed Deposits but with distinct Chrisline features making it attractive to all.

Corporate bodies and individuals can place investible funds with Chrisline at very competitive and negotiable interest rates for periods ranging between three months and two years.

As custodians of your funds, we engage in prudent and legal business transactions to ensure high returns and guarantee the security of your funds. Your investment/funds are managed by our team of qualified Fund Managers who work to ensure that you obtain the best professional advice which will result in the highest yield possible.

Our rates range from 2% -4% above Treasury bill rate based on the investment period and amount to be invested. Visit our Investment Services Page to find out more about our investment products designed to create wealth just for you.